Floral Musings for 2014 | Portland Wedding Inspiration

There is nothing better or more striking than the PERFECT bridal bouquet! Floral design is one of my favorite aspects of each wedding; every design is different, and each one beautiful and unique in it’s own way.

Even being on a budget, there are many ways you can still add amazing floral design to your wedding day by utilizing an array of methods in flower ideas. A few money-saving ideas are to explore what flowers are locally in season. Seasonal flowers are always cheaper. Think about utilizing a fuller style, lower budget bloom like a carnation, or dahlia. These flowers are larger and can add a lot of pizzaz when coupled with more exclusive flowers. Another HUGELY cost-saving method for choosing a floral budget and design is to contact a local vendor at a farmers market. I’ve had MANY brides use local vendors whose designs were absolutely stunning, and were far from breaking the bank! For example, I had a dear bride who decided for laughs to ask a grower at a local farmers market for a price quote on her wedding flowers. She anticipated 150 guests, needed bouquets and boutonnieres for her 12 person bridal party and flowers for her centerpieces. Her total cost by utilizing a local grower and choosing seasonal flowers was a HUGE SCORE and she was able to snag all those flowers for only $550! WHHHAAATTT!

DSC_7596 copy

My bride’s centerpieces from her local grower.

DSC_8262 copy

My brides SCORE on wedding flowers from a local grower!

DSC_8814 copy

Talk about beautiful!


Here are some enchanting floral designs, full of uber-goober goodness for you to drool over…. Happy Planning!



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