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Crisp air meets my face as wind whirls around me, forcing my eyes shut, bringing upon deep, clear breaths of air. Soon I am filling my lungs with hints of autumn; this incredible feeling that I search of ever year around this time as seasons change before my very eyes. Waterways carve through beautiful landscapes where trees and rocks, and rushing water form a methodical melody that reaches deep into the space within my soul that is always searching for the next level of peace.

Surrounded by beauty, my heart seems to absorb every possible stimulus my senses are met with. Sweet smelling pines meet with fresh rain creating a harmony of this place that is where my soul find rest. Beauty abounds as we slowly make our way along this drive through God’s beauty and creation. I can’t help but snap image after image, stopping the car often to make pathetic attempts of capturing the beauty before me. No matter what I do, or how much talent I possess, I cannot even begin to capture the immense beauty that is before my eyes.

Giggling from the backseat warms my heart, and in those moments, all is perfect. There is no fear, there is no worry; just the heaviness of pure joy that comes with feeling the presence of His beauty, love, and grace. This overwhelming feeling rattles my very core. All seems clear and sure and true. And once again, HOPE engulfs my heart and soul.

My Soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken… Psalm 62:1-2

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